Water & Waste management

Motieka & Audzevičius has vast experience in regulatory compliance counselling on water & waste management issues, counselling in project development and litigation arising under state environmental laws on behalf of property owners and operators, developers, and lenders.

Our experienced lawyers with strong litigation skills and wide industry experience help the clients in the water & waste industry to control existing business risks and utilise the emerging opportunities. Specifically, our lawyers have handled issues associated with potential liability and compliance with state environmental laws and regulations, cost recovery and contribution actions, disposal of solid waste and the construction, permitting and operation of environmental facilities, risk management and claims.

  • Experience
      • 2017
      • Successfully represented a public non-profit deposit system administration institution before the District Court of Vilnius City.
      • 2016
      • Successfully represented a client that participated and won the state procurement tender for the implementation of waste utilisation activities, in a case heard by the Supreme Court of Lithuania.
      • 2014
      • Represented a Client in a case against the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate of Lithuania.
      • 2013
      • Represented the client in a dispute in Klaipeda regional court against a waste management company acting in the region of Klaipeda.
      • 2012
      • Defending the interests of a regional waste incineration company in the Supreme Administrative Court.

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