Motieka & Audzevičius' lawyers are committed to understanding how our manufacturing businesses operate and to offering the best legal solutions for the challenges posed to industrial companies. The manufacturing sector is highly disparate, and lawyers in this practice act for a wide range of leading manufacturing companies. What the aforementioned clients have in common are the issues that arise in managing and developing businesses, and thus our lawyers draw upon their technical expertise and industry knowledge to come up with workable solutions.

Manufacturers have always been in the business of balancing the trade-offs: revenue enhancement and cost containment; customisation and standardisation; competition and collaboration. By adapting successfully to ever changing market conditions and capitalising on new opportunities we are firmly focused on developing and executing manufacturing strategies to bring tangible results to our clients.

Main clients include Brolis Semiconductors, Axis Industries, Dvarčionių Keramika, Fima, and a large producer of household appliances.

  • Experience
      • 2017
      • Advised entities engaged in manufacturing of passive houses, Dzūkijos vikingai and Wood Pro regarding the acquisition of shares from exiting shareholder.
      • Successfully represented one of the major glass manufacturers in the Baltic states in a case heard by the Kaunas Regional Court.
      • Represented a client in two international commercial arbitration proceedings under the auspices of Lithuanian Court of Arbitration.
      • 2015
      • Advised the management and group of investors regarding buy-out of shares of UAB Brolis semiconductors, a company developing advanced diode laser and sensor technologies, from Litcapital I.
      • Advised furniture manufacturing company on restructuring of its construction and furniture manufacturing business and negotiating joint venture agreements with partners in UK.
      • Represented a company in a dispute regarding damage caused by the similar naming of the two companies.
      • Represented a leading Lithuanian ceramic tiles producer in a Vilnius Regional Court case regarding the legality of the termination of a credit agreement.
      • 2014
      • Represented a Lithuanian company group in obtaining an arbitral award in Stockholm arbitration institution under the SCC rules against a Belarusian company and the successful enforcement of the award in the Republic of Belarus
      • 2013
      • Represented the client in the acquisition of sole ownership of a preeminent secure printing service provider in Lithuania
      • Represented one of the largest Lithuanian beverage producers and a well-known Lithuanian glass manufacturing company in a dispute relating to the validity of loan agreements.
      • 2012
      • Represented one of the largest Lithuanian shipbuilding companies in the Court of Appeals of Lithuania in a bankruptcy litigation case.
      • Advised one of the largest spirits producers in Europe in a pre-litigation case against a Lithuanian Company.
      • Representing the largest producer of tiles in the Baltic States in a dispute with the leading bank of Lithuania.
      • Represented the largest refrigerator manufacturer in the Baltic States in the renewal of proceedings in a civil case against a Danish company in an international trade dispute.
      • Representing the leading city transport and infrastructure company in Lithuania.
      • 2009
      • Represented AB "Dvarcioniu keramika" (major tile manufacturer in the Republic of Lithuania) in implementing official mandatory tender offer of its shares.