Please find below our answers to the most frequently asked questions by job seekers. We hope they will clarify some of your doubts.

What skills are most and least important for an individual to possess as an Associate?
We believe that "the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work". You should always work hard to the best of your abilities in order to achieve the required professionalism. In being the most promising individual lawyer you should understand that teamwork is the cornerstone for competing in today's global legal arena and team values take precedence over the individual; we build a star team, not a team of stars. You should seek new knowledge and study as long as you still have something to learn, and this will stay valid for all your life.

What do you find the most challenging as a lawyer?
No one can rest on their laurels in this marketplace. You should work steadily, do not be knocked by setbacks nor get overexcited by results; see each challenge as a starting point. The guiding principle of a lawyer's work is that you have to rise beyond your own limits and to place the highest requirements upon yourself to exceed the clients' expectations.

What attracts your clients to the firm?
We always go the extra mile - and always will. The experience that we have gained throughout the practice allows us to come up with solutions which are way ahead of the competition. Our clients appreciate the high value for money they receive for the non-standard solutions within incredibly tight deadlines. Attentive and impeccable quality of service, frequent communication, reliability and professionalism inspires confidence in clients.

How have your clients' needs changed over the last five years?
In line with the industry trends, our clients have become more sophisticated in terms of accessing quality services, reasonable fees and prompt response times.

Where do you see the firm heading in the next five years?
Globalisation has provided more opportunities for us to conduct international work. By adapting successfully to the ever changing market conditions and capitalising on new opportunities, our firm will continue to internationalise, both in terms of operations, clients, and projects. We will continue to recruit talented individuals, as Motieka & Audzevičius is constantly expanding its presence in the CEE region and beyond to follow the commercial activities of our clients. We will continue to build and develop the network of associate law firms we work with to expand coverage and assist our clients at a moment's notice.