Motieka & Audzevičius' attorneys have a long history of representing businesses and individuals engaged in agribusiness operations throughout the EU and the CIS. We are actively involved in value-added agricultural projects which maximise financial returns for producers and investors, and create opportunities for rural communities. Our lawyers work closely with producer groups, cooperatives and agribusiness organisations to prepare innovative business plans and financing structures.

Market deregulation and technological advances are reshaping the nature of global agribusiness. Our team is aware of the challenges confronting agribusiness enterprises, having advised on acquisitions and disposals, regulatory regimes, managed investment schemes, disputes, banking and finance, tax and trade, property and environment. We have worked extensively in agribusiness law and understand the financial pressures, challenges and opportunities that agricultural producers and agribusinesses face daily.

Main clients include Kauno Grūdai, Agrowill Group, Linas Agro Group, and Kustodija.

  • Experience
      • 2017
      • Represented AB Kauno grūdai, one of the largest agriculture companies in Lithuania, in an investigation initiated by the Lithuanian Competition Council.
      • Advised KG Group regarding preparation and negotiation of financing agreements from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
      • 2016
      • Successfully represented a major international commodities trader in the most complex dispute regarding recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitration award in Serbia.
      • Successfully defended a major international agro business conglomerate in one of the biggest tax disputes.
      • Successfully represented a client, one of the largest companies engaged in agricultural products processing, in a civil case before the Kaunas Regional Court and the Court of Appeal of Lithuania.
      • Has successfully defended a major international agro business conglomerate in one of the biggest tax disputes.
      • Advised and assisted "Hampiðjan hf" in obtaining the merger clearance for the purchase of shares of P/f Von (due to its subsidiary UAB "Vonin Lithuania“) in Lithuania.
      • Successfully represented one of the biggest mini tractors distributers in Lithuania in a tax investigation regarding application of ‘zero’ VAT rate to intra-Community supplies.
      • Has successfully represented one of the biggest agro-business conglomerates in the CIS countries before the Commission on Tax Disputes.
      • 2015
      • Filed a complaint to the European Commission in a taxation related dispute regarding the possible breach of EU law, namely the incorrect implementation of an EU directive.
      • Represented the biggest agro-business conglomerate in the CIS countries during a tax investigation process by the Lithuanian tax authorities over the allegedly unpaid VAT on transactions involving several other EU Member States.
      • 2014
      • Represented the interests of the group company of the publicly listed Linas Agro Group in a shareholders dispute of ŽŪB Ėriškiai.
      • Represented one of the largest agriculture companies in Lithuania in a shareholders' dispute.
      • Challenged actions of the supervising state institution on the Client and certain individuals acting together.
      • Represented a Client engaged in the wholesale trade of various agricultural goods in a dispute with the Lithuania Customs Department and filing a complaint with the European Commission
      • Represented a Client in the court of the first instance in a shareholders dispute.
      • 2013
      • Represented one of the largest Lithuanian agricultural company groups in the appellate court of Serbia in a case involving the recognition and enforcement of an arbitration award of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration.
      • Advised Linas Agro Group in the acquisition of one of the largest agricultural companies in Lithuania.
      • Merger clearance for the cross-border acquisition of an agricultural company
      • Represented a client engaged in the wholesale trade of various agricultural goods in a dispute with the Lithuania Customs Department
      • 2012
      • Represented a company, which is active in the agricultural sector and whose main business focus is on the importing and reselling of a variety of goods at wholesale level.
      • Advising AB Linas Agro Group in sale of Ukrainian fertilizer producing subsidiary PJ-SC Ukragro NPK to one of the largest chemical conglomerates in Ukraine “OSTCHEM”.
      • Defending the interests of the major agricultural company in the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania.
      • 2010
      • Defended the client in the restructuring litigation before the Supreme Court of Lithuania.
      • 2009
      • Consulted and drafted necessary documents for creating of the holding structure for one of the major agribusiness companies in Lithuania.

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